When AMPK is activated in our bodies, it gives us a lot of beneficial effects. Some of the benefits include loss of weight, insulin sensitivity is improved, decrease of inflammation, and the performance of our muscles is improved. It also promotes healthy aging, and a key to long life.

What are the Benefits of AMPK Activation?

AMPK in our brains senses the production level of energy in our bodies. This energy is in the form of ATP. When it is creased in our brains, it increases energy spending and can increase appetite.

AMPK is activated when cellular energy is low. This targets a wide range of processes and the result is energy production increase and decrease in ATP usage.

It increases appetite, increases the production and uptake or glucose, heat production is reduced, and also decreases the output of energy.

Normal brain activity needs glucose as its main source of energy. If the glucose drops below normal levels, it results in great danger to the stability and functioning of the brain, and thus activates AMPK.

AMPK activation promotes glucose production that comes from the liver and the muscles also increase its glucose uptake.

AMPK also inhibits the storage of glucose which results in more glucose.

Production of fatty acids, cholesterol, and triglycerides is inhibited by AMPK. It then stimulates the breakdown of fats.

When there is a low energy state to conserve energy, protein production is inhibited. Thus AMPK inhibits the production of protein.

When cellular components are recycled this promotes molecular and cell quality control by degrading damaged or misfolded proteins and even damaged mitochondria. This can contribute to energy generation because it provides fuel for mitochondrial metabolism which is promoted by AMPK.

AMPK role in increasing antioxidant defense during oxidative stress is increasing. It increased antioxidant protein production.

When the body has low oxygen or during sleep, when AMPK is activated it can protect against acute breathing instability. Breathing dysfunction is caused by low AMPK.

Fertility in both sexes if help by AMPK. It increases the production of sex hormones. Reduced fertility is caused by the absence of AMPK.

AMPK Activator can widen the blood vessels to increase blood flow. This is done by stimulating nitric oxide release in blood vessels.

When AMPK is activated, you can obtain all the benefits of exercise.

If AMPK is activated it increases fat burning and thus can result in weight loss.

If we are after weight loss, we need to take AMPK activators to activate it in our liver, fat, and muscles, and inhibit it in the brain. With this, far will be burned, energy stored, and hunger is also decreased.